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scary movies

31 Scary Movies to Celebrate Halloween

Here are 31 Halloween movies.  Ok, maybe they aren’t all Halloween but I feel if they are scary they qualify. Be sure to leave a comment with some of your favorite scary movies! 1.  It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown -  Ok this one it’s scary but it doesn’t seem like October or Halloween if [...]

halloween ghost craft thumb

Fun & Easy Halloween Ghost Craft for Kids

Looking for an easy and really cheap craft to do with the kids for Halloween?  Here are some cute little ghosts the kids can make to hang outside on the trees to decorate the yard for Halloween. What you’ll need…. white plastic grocery shopping bags black permanent marker scotch tape scissors some type of string [...]

fresh or bad egg

How to Tell if an Egg is Fresh

  I found this awesome way to tell how fresh an egg is on Pinterest.  And I test drove the tip and yup, sure enough it works.  You don’t have to draw a smile on your egg though. A good egg will sink and lay on his side. An egg that is good to go [...]


Tips to Avoid Costly Car Repair Bills

All too often we take our cars for granted. I hear stories all the time about major costly repairs that could have been avoided with basic maintenance from my husband who is a Master Technician for Chrysler. So, I thought it would be a good idea to share some things for both safety and for [...]

pet adoption

Mr. Houla’s Tips for Adopting a Pet

Here are a couple of things to think about before getting a pet. Think about how much space you have in your home or yard. If you don’t have a yard you must consider that you will have to walk your pet daily. How much time do you have to spend with a pet? How [...]

tile grout paint

Easy Way to Freshen Up Grout Around Tile

I have ceramic tile floors in my entry way and in my kitchen.  I quickly discovered that even if the floor is clean, if the grout looks dingy the whole floor looks bad.   I was forever getting down on my hands and knees to scrub the grout until a friend told me about grout paint.  [...]

how to make ranch dressing

How to Make Restaurant Style Ranch Dressing

It’s so easy to make ranch dressing like you get when you eat out but sadly lots of people think they have to settle for bottled ranch.   I don’t know about you but I’m picky about my ranch dressing and I want the stuff just like you get in a restaurant. It’s super simple to [...]

trampoline with lights

Summer Fun – Trampoline Sleepover

My two youngest children practically live on the trampoline!   They were always wanting to jump at night but the back porch light wasn’t quite bright enough for night time jumping.  Then one day I was out shopping for patio furniture and saw a gazebo that had lights strung up on the inside and (pardon my [...]

valentines nail art

Pink & Black Valentine’s Nail Art

I know it’s a bit early but I’m already getting in the mood for Valentine’s Day.   This nail art is easy to do.   Always start with a good base coat.  Then polish all your nails except for the ring finger with pink, I used NYC Prospect Park Pink  Then polish the ring finger in black, [...]

doll earrings

Piercing a Doll’s Ears = Scary Looking Picture

Without the quote underneath the picture on Pinterest of “DIY How to Pierce Doll’s Ears for Earrings” this just looks really wrong!