5 Fun Swimming Pool Toys

Light Up Beach Ball

This is a cool beach ball for night time play. Multi-Colored Light-Up action, flashes in Red, Blue and Green, Impact Activated with Batteries Included. Red, White and Blue Stars.

Available at Amazon.com for $6.95




Swimming Pool Multicolored Light

Another super fun item for your night time pool party.  This is great for above ground pools with no lighting or just to add more color and fun to your in-ground swimming pool.

Your pool will be transformed into a galaxy of light and color that’s out of this world. Watch the fun and excitement take off as the dynamic light show orbits rotating patterns of color and light that fill your pool or spa. Ten unique rotating lighting effects. Lighting coverage for 15 – 20 feet. Auto shut-off after one, two or three hours (your choice).  Runs on three AA batteries (not included).

Available at Amazon.com for $29.99


Swim Thru Rings

Fun rings to swim through.  These rings have adjustable air chambers so you can choose the depth of the ring.

Available at Amazon.com for $19.99







Swimways Submergency

If your kids love diving for rings and things like that, this game is sure to make them happy little swimmers.  This dive ball comes with a timer so, they can race the clock!

Set the LED timer to time out in 15 seconds all the way up to 90 seconds. Requires 4 “AAA” batteries, not included.

Available at Amazon.com for $19.99



Underwater Lightning Bugs

Fun little light up bugs that you can dive for and chase.

4.5″ Lightning Bugs flip, spin and race in the water, their noses light up. Three assorted colors. Requires 1 AA battery (not included).

Available at Amazon.com for $7.49





Have a safe and happy summer!

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