Got Clutter? 10 Simple Ideas to Clean Out the Clutter

Clutter, in my house? Sadly, yes!  And I know if I didn’t keep it under control we could easily be on the show Hoarders!  I have five children and their things along with my husband’s and mine seem to pile up fast around my house.  Sometimes it feels as if the clutter mates like rabbits.  I’m constantly asking where it all comes from.  Truth be told I’m not big on shopping, the shocking truth is that I usually only visit the mall twice a year, once for back to school and once for Christmas shopping.  (I think my husband should consider himself a lucky man)  Yet the clutter adds up.  Things are given to us and then there is the junk one buys on occasion at Walmart or some other big box store.

Although I do the spring and fall cleaning thing, I feel like there is more to be done to keep our home clutter free.  I got the book Unclutter Your Home – 7 Simple Steps 700 Tips & Ideas by Donna Smallin and she has some really great tips for helping you out.  So I thought I would share a few tips for uncluttering, some are hers some are mine.

    1. If you buy something new, get rid of something.
    2. Clean out one drawer each night.  You will make progress toward your goal each day and it won’t seem like a huge project.
    3. If possible do some uncluttering the day or night before the trash man comes.
    4. Return anything you have borrowed from someone.
    5. In the process, act as if you were moving when deciding to keep something or not, would it be worth taking with you?
    6. Start in the most used areas of your home, kitchen and family room.
    7. Set a timer  for 10 to 20 minutes to clear out clutter in an area, you’ll be surprised on how much you can get done in a short amount of time.
    8. Take things you have gathered to donate as soon as possible.  The temptation by you or a family member to not give something up won’t be there if it’s gone.
    9. Sell unwanted items at a garage sale or on Craigslist and do something fun with the money, like going to the movies.
    10. Make it a rule that nothing gets left on the bar or the kitchen table or those other areas you see junk pile up quickly.

Enjoy!  As you begin to clean out your home of unwanted items you will feel more peaceful.  The “energy” or feeling in your home will be a good one!

Please leave a comment below and share your tips for clearing out clutter.

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