About Me

If you are a regular visitor to Trinkies.com then you are probably wondering, where are all of the cell phone charms and jewelry?

Well, I started Trinkies in 2005 and I loved doing it but last year I started a new adventure, blogging!  After finding my passion there and after much deliberation, I decided to sell out most of my jewelry stock and give up the online store.  Over the years though, friends and online acquaintances started calling me Trinkies so, while I was ok with leaving the online jewelry business, I just couldn’t give up my acquired nickname. :)

The header of this blog says, “Whatever I feel like bloggin’ about!”  That’s what this blog will be about any subject that moves me to write about it, at any given day or time.  Just something fun for me that I hope others will enjoy as well.

As mentioned above, I sold out “most” of my jewelry stock.  I have some remaining so be sure to subscribe to this blog (in the upper right hand corner) for some jewelry giveaways!

As most of you know my old logo had a butterfly I have to keep it here like I keep it in my heart but…

If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.

As for me personally, I’m Tiffany and I have been married to Bob for 20 years.  We have five beautiful children together. :)