Super Easy Halloween Nail Art

If you aren’t really artsy but want to get into the Halloween spirit with some Halloween nail art here is something that is simple and classy.

Always start with a good base coat.  I then used Tangerine Creme on the whole nail then polished the tips in Black Lace.  I used Art Deco Gold Glitter for an accent.  The gold glitter is a nail art polish so it comes with a thin brush but if you don’t have a real steady hand like myself, use a dotting tool or a toothpick to make the gold accent line.  When the gold is dry finish with top coat.

Have a fun, safe and Happy Halloween! 



Bubble Gum Machine Nail Art

Today I was just messing around with my nails and thought a bubble gum machine would be fun.  It’s super easy nail art that is pretty cute.  Like I’ve said before I’m not the greatest so I’m sure you could do way better.  Below you’ll find the colors I used and the general gist of how this is done.

Start with a clear base coat on all your nails.

To make the bubble gum machine I polished the whole nail with one coat of Pure Ice Platinum.  I then added NYC Big Apple Red to the top and bottom of the nail.   For the plate on the front of the machine I used Sally Hanson Silver Sweep  I then added the bubble gum in different colors ( Sally Hanson Xtreme Mellow Yellow and Emerald City and NYC’s Fushsia Shock, Times Square Tangerine, Pier 17 ) with a dotting tool.   I then wrote the 25 on the silver part with a dotting tool using NYC Black Lace.

Then just polish the rest of your nails in random colors as you see fit.  Have fun!

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