31 Scary Movies to Celebrate Halloween

Here are 31 Halloween movies.  Ok, maybe they aren’t all Halloween but I feel if they are scary they qualify. :)

Be sure to leave a comment with some of your favorite scary movies!

1.  It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown -  Ok this one it’s scary but it doesn’t seem like October or Halloween if you don’t watch this one!

2. Halloween -  Yup, I’m talking about the original one with Jamie Lee Curtis.  I think of this movie when it gets cold and I take out my knitting stuff.  If you’ve seen it you know why!

3.  The Shining -  Yes another oldie but what’s not scary about a large empty old hotel resort.   REDRUM!

4. Poltergeist – While this movie is only rated PG. I think it’s the things you can’t see that are the scariest.

5. The Haunting in Connecticut – So the house you just bought use to be a mortuary, no big deal right!?

6. The Sixth Sense – “I see dead people.” If it wasn’t for this movie we might not have this catch phrase. Regardless it is a movie that will give you goosebumps.

7. As Above, So Below – I had no idea what this movie was about when I watched it but oh it’s creepy for sure!

8. The Entity – They say this is based on a true story of a woman that was attacked by a physically by a demon. If that doesn’t give you chills, what will?

9. The Amityville Horror – Can’t be Halloween without a real haunted house!

10. The Others – This wasn’t huge at the box office but I can’t think of why it shouldn’t have been. This is one of the best haunted house movies I have ever seen.

11. The Skeleton Key – Louisiana’s bayous and voodoo! What’s not scary about those?

12. A Nightmare on Elm Street – Nothing you dream about can hurt you or can it?

13. 1408 – He writes about haunted places but is an unbeliever until he spends the night in room 1408.

14. Psycho – It’s a classic but it’s creepy! In a time where the world seemed more innocent this thriller showed the dark side of on the big screen!

15. The Awakening – A ghost hunter is investigating an all boy’s boarding school when she becomes the one being hunted.

16. An American Haunting – The Bell Witch is an American Legend. Movies based on true stories always seem way more spooky to me.

17. Constantine – He’s been to hell and back and now he hunts demons.

18. The Gift – Oh what it would be like to be psychic, that is until you keep getting visions from beyond the grave.

19. Sinister – A murder novelist moves his family into a home where brutal murderes have taken place. He’s searching for inspiration but get’s more than he bargained for.

20. Flatliners – Have you ever wondered about life after death?

21. The Rite – Anthony Hopkins creepiest actor ever so why not!

22. The Unholy – This movie is set in New Orleans the most haunted city in the United States.

23. The Omen – If you ever hear someone call a child Damien and you don’t know why, you have to see this movie!

24. Pet Sematary – Stephen King… need I say more?

25. Something Wicked This Way Comes – What could possibly be creepy about a carnival coming to town? While this is a Disney movie I wouldn’t let the really wee ones watch it.

26. Thirteen Ghosts – A family inherits a house that comes with ghosts. No worries though as it also comes with special goggles so you can see what’s watching you!

27. Ghost Ship – A ship that has been deserted for 40 years is found floating at sea. There might not be any people aboard but there are plenty of souls.

28. The Innocents – A classic thriller from 1961. A nanny and a haunted house!

29. Devil – If being trapped in an elevator isn’t distrubing enough, add the devil himself to the mix.

30. CASE 39 – A social worker is trying to save a child but she is going to be the one needing to be saved.

31. The Exorcist – I can’t think of a more scary movie than this one. If you believe the devil is real this will haunt your waking hours.

Good Morning God

How do you start your day?  I don’t mean like the order in which you get ready like having coffee and then I shower; I mean like what are the thoughts you start your day with?

I have always thought of myself as a person with faith and a positive attitude.  Then this past Christmas I received as a gift Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of The Mind.   I have read the book three times because it was that good and because it brought my attention to the thoughts that I had actually been thinking from first thing in the morning, all the way through they day, until the last thoughts on my mind before bed.  I honestly never realized all the negative thoughts that I entertained.

No matter how small a negative thought is, it is still a seed being planted and amazingly enough these thoughts can grow as quick as weeds.  Let me give you a small example.  Let’s say you get up and you’d asked your spouse or children to take out the garbage the night before.  You go to the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee and there sits the trash.  And there begins the “They never do what I ask.”  You’ll find from there the negative thoughts can snowball… you might begin thinking about last week and what a person didn’t do and what they “never” do.  And pretty soon you have a laundry list of complaints.  (On a side note I believe these things can lead to problems in an otherwise good marriage.)

The most important thing the book taught me was to get control of my thoughts, let them pass, cancel them out and begin right away to turn my attention to healthier happier thoughts.   Thoughts of peace, love, and gratitude.

I wish I could sum up better what a wonderful book Battlefield of The Mind is but I think it’s something to experience for yourself if you are looking to improve your thinking and change your life for the better. It is full of stories where Joyce tells of things she did and thought, things that most of us would be embarrassed to admit and she puts it out there for you so that you don’t have to be miserable in your thinking and in your life.

Start with Good Morning God.  Find a good scripture or affirmation that you can say in the morning, find some for throughout the day, for bedtime and most importantly find some that will turn your attention when the negative thoughts begin.   It’s not easy to monitor your thinking but I think you will be impressed with how your life will be when you do.  God has promises for us to be prosperous in my mind, body and spirit.  It’s up to us to receive it.


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