Design Your Own Custom Converse

Be a leader in the crowd, not just part of it!  Did you know you can design your very own Chuck Taylor Converse Shoes.  You pick the colors, the prints and even personalize your Chuck’s with “YourID”  You’ll see on the ones I designed below with “Trinkies” on the heal.

Get started building your chucks here.

Have fun!

Got Style? Need Some? Here’s a Great Place for The Fashion Impaired

I’m being super honest when I say that I can’t dress myself!  I mean I see things I like but I really don’t have that knack for putting things together to make an outfit look polished.  So, you can only imagine how happy I was to see this website called, Daily Look!  They put together outfits and they have daily looks.  They include everything you need; clothes, shoes, the handbag and the accessories.  You can of course buy the works from them but you can also go there just to get ideas.  It’s super helpful, if you are like me and don’t have a clue as to what goes with what.

So just head on over to the Daily Look, sign up with your email address and start looking at their complete looks and there is no obligation to buy anything but their prices are pretty reasonable.  (It will ask you to like or tweet, if you won’t want to look at the top of the page to X that box out.)

BONUS! Right now they will give you 20% off if you are new to the site!

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