Best Ab Exercise “The Wall Blast”

This picture immediately caught my attention on Pinterest.   At first glance I knew it was some sort of exercise but all I could think about is the wall.  You see my dad is the son of a Master Carpenter and while my dad didn’t follow exactly in that line of work he was and still is highly capable of it.

There were times, when I was growing up, he took on extra jobs here and there doing remodeling, and painting is of course part of that.  I grew up in a house that you didn’t touch the walls! So, you can imagine the thoughts in my head when I see some guy thrusting his feet up against a wall with his tennis shoes on.  I mean really I would lose it if I saw anyone in my house doing this.  Seriously, find a brick wall or something!

But if you want to read about the exercise, here is The Wall Blast which if it had ever been done at my dad’s house, on his walls, would have turned in to an exercise that naturally helps tighten your gluts, called “The Getting Your Ass Paddled”.

*Edited to add my after thought,  do you think such a thing could damage the sheet-rock?  I think it’s possible.

Candy Corn Sugar Cookies

I love Halloween!  So when I saw these adorable Candy Corn sugar cookies on Pinterest I knew I have to share them with you! These would be perfect to take to a school party or at your own Halloween party.

Here is the direct link to the post they came from.

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