Dream Lites in Retail Stores

I’ve personally spotted Dream Lites Pillow Pets at Walmart and at CVS!  I’ve posted before about how my daughter is going to have to have one or twenty of these Dream Lites animals.  However at both stores I only saw the dog and the unicorn.  Dream Lites are also now available at Amazon.

Rumors are swirling around the internet about the original Pillow Pets being on clearance.  One blogger was saying that CVS had the tiny ones for just $2.99.  The CVS I went to though had them full price BUT they did have the large or “regular” size Pillow Pets marked down to $12.99  I suspect that they are going to be moving them out in order to make room for the Dream Lites before the holiday shopping season starts.

To the right is my son, Dallas, (who is refusing a haircut until school starts) holding the Dream Lites Dog.  That was at a CVS pharmacy.  The Dream Lites were priced at $29.99.  We spotted them at Walmart as well in the aisle at the front of the store where all the “As Seen on TV” merchandise is.

Have you spotted Dream Lites Pillow Pets at other stores? Leave a comment and tell us where.


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