Keeping a Diary

I wrote on my bucket list that I’d always wanted to keep a diary.  I know it sounds silly but I never knew exactly how to keep a diary.  I mean what do you write, I went to Walmart today?  I know I wished I’d written things about my children cute things, things that I sometimes forget and then remember and think wow I need to write that down.

I have friends who keep diaries and I have been instructed that in the event of their sudden death to burn them, the journals not the friends.  What’s the point in that?  Do you just want to keep all your stuff for you to review and reflect on?

I have even went out and bought several beautiful journals and they are blank.  :(

So here is a serious question and I’d like for whoever reads this to leave a comment, what do you write about in your diary?


My Dory Days

No, I didn’t mean glory, I meant Dory, like as in the fish in Finding Nemo.   She has short term memory problems.  I can’t say that I’m that bad off, but I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bit  a lot scatter brained.  I can’t tell you how much time I waste on a daily basis just trying to find my coffee!

So, before I forget, I wanted to share with you that I get these really great ideas for blog posts and by the time I sit down, I can’t remember a thing.  Today, I was thinking about this problem I have and thought, hmm, I could buy one of those little notebooks and jot down my ideas.  Then I’m laughing at myself about this because I know that in reality I would open up that notebook and more than 50% of the time I’d wonder what the hell all those notes were about.  Kind of like Uncle Billy in It’s a Wonderful Life looking at all the strings tied to his fingers and having no clue as to why they were there.

I don’t think of this as a real problem like one I should get checked out for.  I don’t think I’m losing my mind; I did that when I chose to give birth to five children.  Now I spend my days wandering the house looking for coffee or whatever else I set down somewhere.  I shouldn’t even mention the things I’ve “put up” for safe keeping so I wouldn’t lose them.  When I do that, I should just be honest and kiss the darn things goodbye.  On the plus side, there is one thing I do know the location of, and that is the file containing my children’s birth certificates and immunization records. I confess, though, that I have no idea where my marriage certificate is and haven’t for well over 15 years.  Dang, I still have to remember to send off for a replacement for that!

On top of my own problems, then I have all these children and them wanting me, the woman they laugh at when their dad moves my coffee cup on purpose just so they can watch me wander around looking for it, to remember things.  Like all their friends names, where they live, and the school functions, etc.

I try not to be so hard on myself about this little problem. I’ve really learned to laugh at myself about it.  And frankly, if I leave Walmart and I don’t forget a kid (which I never have) I feel I’m doing pretty damn good!

* A special thanks to Patty Gale for posting “P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney” on Facebook, which reminded me to write a post about forgetting.  ;)


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