Meet Mr. Houla

Meet Mr. Houla The Official Dog of Trinkies!

Hi, I’m Mr. Houla. Pronounced Who-la like hula-hoop.  I’m a Blue Lacy and being a Blue Lacy also gives me another distinguished honor, as we are the official State Dog Breed of Texas.

I came to live with my family about 3 years ago.  They think I’m about three and a half years old.  You see my boy, Justin, was wanting a dog and searching through websites and kept showing his mom all kinds of dogs but she kept putting him off.  Then one evening, Justin was out playing basketball in the driveway and I came wandering up. He went in the house and upstairs to tell his mom he found a dog and she just thought he meant another one on the pet rescue site.  So, downstairs she came and there I was, surprise, surprise, surprise!!!.

Me being the handsome well behaved guy I am, they just knew I had to be lost and that someone would be missing me. So, Tiffany, my boy’s mom, put up signs in the neighborhood,  posted on the local message board, and took me to the local vet to see if I had a microchip.  Of course by now you realize they never did find who I belonged to and they never will, because you see God sent me to be apart of their family because we’re perfect for each other.  I mean it was win-win.  I was house trained and they had five wonderful kids for me to play and snuggle with.  We won’t talk about the other occupant of the household, my archenemy, the cat!

On to how I got my coolio name!  My full name is Mr. Cat A. Houla.  Funny huh, since me and that cat don’t get along!  Well after about three weeks of searching for whoever lost me, they decided to adopt me.  Tiffany took me into the vet to get all checked out, shot in the butt and microchipped. And those super smart folks, at the vet, told her I was a Catahoula Hound.  Tiffany thought that sounded like a cool name and you know how that went.  Later, Tiffany did a search and frankly I don’t look that much like a Catahoula, maybe we could be distant cousins, so she got to thinking that I was just a mutt and that was fine with them.  Then one day this little magazine, from the power company, came in the mail and Tiffany saw an article about Blue Lacy’s being the State Dog of Texas and while the picture was a drawing it looked like little ‘ol me so she headed over to Wiki and yup there was a photograph of dog that looked just like me!  By then though my name was set and everyone loves it, all the people who come over, they call me by name. I mean really it’s fun to say; it’s just a happy name!

My official duty here at Trinkies will be to bring you Woofin’ it Up Wednesday,  I’ll talk about dog stuff, I might throw in some cat stuff, like how deep to dig a hole to hide the body , mostly dog stuff though like where you can rescue somebody special like me, dog toys, other great stuff.

Here are a couple of pictures of me and the kids I love!  Did I mention I like to sleep a lot?

Wendy and me passed out after a cold night she had cheering at a football game.  I’m a great for keeping people warm.

And here is Dallas, no need to crawl in his bed he decided to lay with me on mine!

This one is Tyler he is a super nice guy to me, he lets me sit on his lap.

 Robby thinks I’m a Pillow Pet.

and finally here I am with my boy Justin the one who found me :)