Good Morning God

How do you start your day?  I don’t mean like the order in which you get ready like having coffee and then I shower; I mean like what are the thoughts you start your day with?

I have always thought of myself as a person with faith and a positive attitude.  Then this past Christmas I received as a gift Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of The Mind.   I have read the book three times because it was that good and because it brought my attention to the thoughts that I had actually been thinking from first thing in the morning, all the way through they day, until the last thoughts on my mind before bed.  I honestly never realized all the negative thoughts that I entertained.

No matter how small a negative thought is, it is still a seed being planted and amazingly enough these thoughts can grow as quick as weeds.  Let me give you a small example.  Let’s say you get up and you’d asked your spouse or children to take out the garbage the night before.  You go to the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee and there sits the trash.  And there begins the “They never do what I ask.”  You’ll find from there the negative thoughts can snowball… you might begin thinking about last week and what a person didn’t do and what they “never” do.  And pretty soon you have a laundry list of complaints.  (On a side note I believe these things can lead to problems in an otherwise good marriage.)

The most important thing the book taught me was to get control of my thoughts, let them pass, cancel them out and begin right away to turn my attention to healthier happier thoughts.   Thoughts of peace, love, and gratitude.

I wish I could sum up better what a wonderful book Battlefield of The Mind is but I think it’s something to experience for yourself if you are looking to improve your thinking and change your life for the better. It is full of stories where Joyce tells of things she did and thought, things that most of us would be embarrassed to admit and she puts it out there for you so that you don’t have to be miserable in your thinking and in your life.

Start with Good Morning God.  Find a good scripture or affirmation that you can say in the morning, find some for throughout the day, for bedtime and most importantly find some that will turn your attention when the negative thoughts begin.   It’s not easy to monitor your thinking but I think you will be impressed with how your life will be when you do.  God has promises for us to be prosperous in my mind, body and spirit.  It’s up to us to receive it.


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