Summer Fun At Zone Action

Like so many other families, most summers we load up the old minivan and head out on a week long vacation. But for a number of reasons this year, that didn’t go as planned.  Since our vacation plans have been delayed until mid August, we decided it would be fun to take a daycation and have a fun family day.  This did present a challenge though because four of our children are teenagers and one is almost there.  We needed something that they would all enjoy. Then, as luck would have it, I was given an opportunity for my family and I to be guests at a place called Zone Action in Lewisville, TX. This couldn’t have been more perfect for our family, as they have something for all of them.

So, off we went on a Saturday afternoon with all the kids in tow.  Driving up, the place just looked fun and I could tell the kids were excited.  We walked in and I was pleasantly met with a lemony scent of clean.  If you are a mom, you know why I think that is important! No mom wants to hang out, much less touch anything, at a place that smells like kid sweat.  That clean smell made me one happy mom! Just to be clear that clean smell matched the inside of the whole building – everything was spotless! The arcade was huge and the kids where thrilled at all the different games, especially Guitar Hero, one of their favorites.

Despite the fact that it was the hottest day of the summer, the kids decided they wanted to go out to the go-carts first.  The heat was no match for their enthusiasm!  I think they went on at least 10 times before I dragged them off!  As soon as they would finish their turn and get off, they came out the exit and got right back in line to go again.  They were all having great fun, and amazingly enough, I saw my 3rd and 4th boys, who bicker all the time, having a rare moment of brotherly love, riding together in the same go-cart.  You bet I snapped a picture of that!

I thought it was time for them too cool off a bit so we went back inside to have lunch.  We ordered two large pizzas which were surprisingly bigger than your average large.  It fed our four teenage boys, my husband, myself and our daughter and we still had two pieces left.

After lunch my youngest boy, Dallas, couldn’t contain himself any longer and made a bee-line right back to the go-carts. Robby  and Justin went out to the batting cages while Tyler took his little sister, Wendy, and headed over to the arcade.  Bob and I decided to relax a bit and just let them do their thing which is such lovely thing for parents to be able to do.  It wasn’t long though before we were playing some arcade games with the kids.

Have I mentioned they have bounce houses! Yup, those wonderful giant air filled things that kids love and parents love because it takes some of the energy out of them!  My oldest son is still a fun loving kid himself so, he and I had a ball jumping and bouncing. Bob went back to join Dallas on the go-karts.

We finally rounded all the kids up again and played a round of putt-putt golf!  I love putt-putt but I was the biggest loser!  My husband the winner.  It was all fun though!  The kids and I got the biggest kick out of seeing their dad doing little victory dances at just about every hole.  If you knew my husband, he is a pretty serious guy so this was rare behavior for him and one of the highlights of our the day!

After the round of golf, Dallas immediately handed me his golf club and ball and off he went… Yup, right back to the go-carts he was going to make sure he got some more laps in before we told them to pack it up.  The rest of the family headed back inside to cool off and cash in the tickets the kids won on the arcade games.  I also want to add that it was great that we weren’t stuck outside the whole time; we could go in and cool down and get ready for some more fun.

Our visit lasted about six hours.  By the time we left, everyone was worn out but they all had a smile on their face.  I absolutely love having fun family times.  Days like these are the ones down the road the kids still talk about and say remember when and “can we go back soon”.

Without a doubt, Zone Action is a great family entertainment center that I would recommend to anyone I know!  If you are looking for something fun for your family, this is the place. Be sure to like them on Facebook here, follow them on Twitter here and then click here to get a coupon for $10.00 worth of free game tokens!  Click the map below to get directions to the park.

 *Just to be clear I was invited to be a guest at Zone Action courtesy of the owner. My family received passes, tokens and food in exchange for my review of their entertainment center.  Regardless, I am recommending Zone Action as I believe it to be a good business and one that I believe my readers would enjoy.


Summer Fun at Zone Action Park + FREE Arcade Tokens

I’ve been looking around for things to do with my kids this summer that wouldn’t break the bank and came across Zone Action Park in Lewisville, Texas.  They have so much fun stuff not just for the kids but things Bob and I would like too!


Voted “The Best Place in Lewisville for Family Entertainment.” Zone Action Park is an indoor/outdoor Family Entertainment Center offering lots of fun for everyone! We have, 2 go kart tracks, 2 miniature golf courses, 8 batting cages, 3 bounce houses, a video arcade and a restaurant. There is never an admission charge. We are open everyday except Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. So, bring the whole family and see how much fun you can have! Group rates and Birthday Party Packages available.

Check out their site for all their special deals and to top that off here is a coupon you can use to get $10 worth of arcade tokens for free!



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