Easy Way to Freshen Up Grout Around Tile

I have ceramic tile floors in my entry way and in my kitchen.  I quickly discovered that even if the floor is clean, if the grout looks dingy the whole floor looks bad.   I was forever getting down on my hands and knees to scrub the grout until a friend told me about grout paint.  This grout paint comes in a bottle and looks just like that old sneaker shoe polish with the sponge applicator.  It’s super easy to get that clean just like new look on floors and in your shower with this stuff!

All you will need is whatever you usually clean your floors or shower walls with, grout paint, and a damp rag that you don’t care about.  And if you have a large floor to do I recommend a gardening pad as the tile can be hard on your knees.

  1. clean your floors or shower walls as you usually do and let them dry
  2. apply the grout paint in small sections I usually do about a 3′x3′ area
  3. lightly wipe away excess paint from tile (not grout) with your damp (NOT wet) rag
  4. let dry

I  do this about every six months.  You might not need to do it as much but I have five children and that equals a lot of floor traffic!

I wish I had done one side of the floor and taken a picture instead of the before and after as I’m sure you would have seen more of a contrast.  This size area only took me about 15 minutes to do.  So I’m thinking if you have guests coming to stay and you want to freshen up a shower it wouldn’t take long at all.


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